A Scoring System for Rope Skipping

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RopeScore is based on the FISAC-IRSF rules, it allows you to arrange a competition where you have the power. You can add and remove participants on the fly, combine competition categories, display live scores on a projector, import and exort participant lists from excel or alike, export the results to excel, and much more.

RopeScore is further configureable with as many categories, judges or participants you want, you can also add whichever events you want to a competition category. In other words you aren’t limited by standard choices.

RopeScore comes in a standard version that only abides the FISAC-IRSF rules, there’s also an option for a custom version that in addition may have customizations such as different event names and abbreviations or, a simplified ruleset. If you want to get a hold of a standard or custom version get in touch by emailing me at [email protected]