Powering Rope Skipping Competitions

All in one scoring, engaging your athletes and audience

Four live speed fields showing the current scores in RopeScore Scoring a freestyle in RopeScore Scoring Difficulty in RopeScore's judging app

RopeScore is a capable scoring system that is built to handle both from the smallest competition all the way up to a national championship.

RopeScore knows that the reality of a competition is messy, and it gives you the tools to deal with that. Add or remove judges and participants during the event, mark the athletes who don't compete in certain events and have as many or as few judges as you need.

RopeScores supports a wide variety of rulesets, both international and national variations. Originally RopeScore was designed for FISAC-IRSF rules, but with the introduction of IJRU we re-designed RopeScore from scratch to support an unlimited amount of rulesets.

On top of this, RopeScore greatly reduces the need for paper, using our Judging App your judges can score the entry on their phone or tablet, and it'll automatically flow into the system. During Speed events you also have the option of using RopeScore Live, display the live speed counts and engage the audience!

Oh, and did we mention that our result tables are best in class? Providing great clarity and a layout that allows you to quickly find the score you are looking for in a way that's unmatched in the market!

Feel free to send us an email at to discuss a suitable solution for you, support plans are available from €500 / year.