With a scoring system the stakes are often high, and you need to know that the results are accurate. RopeScore pioneered providing public data for testing when we published test data for FISAC-IRSF's 2017-2018 ruleset containing a teams competition with 12 competing teams, a masters competiton with 12 competing skippers and a triple under competition with 14 competing skippers.

Providing all this data makes RopeScore more transparent, anyone can check that the system does what it is supposed to do, and other scoring systems can confirm their accuracy with this data as well.

All our test data is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The test data is meant to cover the edge cases in the rules that could be interpreted in multiple ways. And provide the data in a way that can be entered into any scoring system and return the same results. We are committed to creating new test data for more rulesets that RopeScore support.

FISAC-IRSF 2017-2018