A Scoring System for Rope Skipping

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RopeScore has compiled a rigorous set of test data for scoring systems testing a teams competition with 12 competing teams, a masters competiton with 12 competing skippers and a triple under competition with 14 competing skippers.

All that data is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. That means you can download it, use it for testing your scoring system, or make sure that your copy of RopeScore is acting as it’s supposed to.

The test data is meant to cover the edge cases in the rules that could be interpreted in multiple ways. And provide the data in a way that can be entered into any scoring system and return the same results.

Masters (pdf) Teams (pdf) RopeScore Export (json)

The test data is unfortunately not officially verified by FISAC-IRSF. However it has been created in conversation with them to clarify any disambiguities.